Welcome to Hemp Pack

Innovation is our mission. We create highly customizable bioplastics that degrade under a wide array of conditions, both in marine and land environments. 


What is Hemp Pack?

Hemp Pack is a biotech startup founded by three friends that see the incredible importance of a sustainable economy. We want to be a driving force in Iceland´s eco-concious industry through contributing to the solution of the plastic problem.


Our Mission

Plastic waste is a problem. Over 8,000,000 metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year, which joins the 150,000,000 metric tons that are already floating in our seas which have an impact on the lives of animals, plants and humans. This problem is also locally widespread, from microplastics found in mussels in the Westfjords, to the tap water we drink in Reykjavík. Our mission is to do something to contribute to the solution of this epidemic. 

Our product is a fully degradable bio plastic resin. Our product breaks down into bio material under conditions often found in nature causing no harm to the environment around it. We create a product for plastic manufactures that they directly implement into their existing heating and molding technologies. Opening up the door for a whole world of sustainable plastic products.

We are innovating bioplastics. Our product will be fully processable by recycling centers. The product we create will have customizable properties for each individual application of the end plastic product. We are partnering up with manufacturers and recycling centers to ensure that our bio plastic will be what we say it is. 

Sustainable land use. It´s important. The world is rapidly growing set to reach 8,500,000,000 people in 2030. The world’s water, food and energy sources are a resource that we need to be more mindful of. We utilize waste streams from land, sea and recycling to create our bioplastics. Making sure that our plastic is a bi-product from a primary product like food. 

Creating jobs. We offer farmers a chance to create more value from their crops like hemp. Our manufacturing facilites will all be in rural communities. We want to create sustainable communities within our buisness and grow together as humans. 

"Offer farmers and small communities a pathway to more income and more opportunities."


Who are we?

Head of Research and Development​

    Sean Scully is a microbiologist and an adjunct professor at the University of Akureyri. He has extensive experience with breakdown of lignocellulosic molecules and development of biotech and biochemistry projects. He has lived in Iceland for the last twelve years and his millennial mindset and strictly professional etiquette is at the heart of Hemp Pack.

David Gudmundsson

Business Development and Strategy​

    David Gudmundsson has an extensive background in logistics and transportation as well as business development within large companies in that sector. His last business the bohemian travel agency David The Guide was very successful and gave David the Chance to see first hand how important sustainable practices are and will be to our future.  

Robert Francis

Chief Executive Officer​

    Robert Francis is a young entrepreneur starting his first company in 2015. He spent the last two years building up a travel agency in Iceland. During Covid he felt he wanted to start focusing on more of a sustainable “impact business” and started growing hemp on his land in Eyjafjörður. Teaming up with David whom he knew to be business savvy and very strategic and Scully the missing link in the story they have now embarked on this mission to create an impact industry in Iceland.